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In Majuro harbor, the seafloor is layered thick in cans and bottles. Help our youth be better stewards of the ocean than we ever were. Support the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp: Photo taken at: Majuro, Marshall Islands Copyright © Living Islands Non-Profit

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There is nothing quite like an island sunset. What's your favorite memory of the ocean? Share your story and help youth in the Marshall Islands share theirs through the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp:⠀ ⠀ #GivingTuesday #JOAC #MarshallIslands #LivingIslands #SDG14 #OceanConservation #Ocean Copyright © Living Islands Non-Profit

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A wheel? A propeller? With so much trash washing ashore on islands across the Pacific, it can sometimes be hard to tell what things are, let alone where they came from. Help youth in the Marshall Islands turn the tides on marine trash and find sustainable solutions for our oceans. Support the

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Our oceans are a vital source of food, transportation, resources and recreation. There is a delicate balance between meeting the needs of our global community, and conserving the ocean for generations to come. Help youth in the Marshall Islands take the lead in creating a prosperous, sustainable future for our communities and

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Ocean navigation, whether for a neck-in-neck race like this , or an inter-island voyage, has always been an important part of Marshallese culture. Through the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp, students will have the opportunity to apply their personal experience, knowledge, and cultural heritage to ocean conservation and preservation at the local, national,

Today on Instagram in Laura, Marshall Islands

Our oceans are always changing. Forces both natural and manmade continually reshape of our beaches, our reefs, and our waters. Help our youth protect these vital resources for generations to come. Support the Junior Ocean Ambassador Camp here:⠀ ⠀ #GivingTuesday #JOAC #MarshallIslands #LivingIslands #SDG14 #OceanConservation #Ocean Photo taken at: Laura, Marshall

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It was great to visit @canvasbackmissions and it's founders this weekend. We are looking forward to working with them much more in the future! Photo taken at: City Sanctuary Copyright © Living Islands Non-Profit

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[gallery link="file" size="large"] We had the honor of being invited to this year's #NAAV convention, on September 14, 2018. We are working with the #Nuclear #Veterans to bring awareness to the issues stemming from human radiation exposure, both to the #Pacific #Islanders and to Nuclear Veterans across the globe. Photo taken at:

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[gallery link="file" size="large"] Living Islands was sponsoring the Nuclear Memorial organized by the @oregon_psr om August 6, 2018. Great event on a beautiful day with Marshallese dancers and Japanese drummers. Photo taken at: Japanese American Historical Plaza Copyright © Living Islands Non-Profit

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Give the gift of water this year! Donate to Living Islands Water Project today to double your impact and bring clean, potable water to the children of Arno Atoll!⠀ ⠀ #supportlivingislands #cleanwater #givingtuesday #SDG6⠀ ⠀ Copyright © Living Islands Non-Profit

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