Dental Teams

The problem

Dental care is virtually non-existing in the remote outer atolls of the Marshall Islands. Our dental care team, supported by your donations, will make a life-changing difference for the children, women, and men of the Namdrik Atoll.

What the team will do

The daily routine for the dental team will begin with education for all patients and triaging patients. In order to provide the most efficient service, we will conduct short, problem-focused exams to determine the needs of each patient. It is possible that they will have no needs or no needs that we can address at this time.

We will be focusing primarily on simple extractions for provided services. These will entail the least amount of equipment and time, thus maximizing our number of patients seen and people helped.

All dental students participating have previous experience with tooth extractions. Although each tooth and patient present with different scenarios, our goal is for each provider to see a minimum of 10 patients per day.

It is amazing how the time flies when you are helping people feel better and having fun at the same time.


What we are doing

Children and Youth Dental Care will include:

  • Basic Dental Health Awareness
  • Preventive Care and Cleaning
  • Extractions

We have 11 providers and 4-5 days of service, thus we estimate that we should be able to service at least 480 people in our time in the Marshall Islands. As long as we keep chair turnover to a minimum, it is likely that the providers will not have to take extended breaks until we end the service for the day

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How can you help?

Living Islands is sponsoring the Dental Team to provide five days of critical services in Namdrik, a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific.

We depend fully on tax-deductible donations from supporters like you! Without your donation, this project will not happen. So far we’ve raised $13,200!

Please consider donating so we can reach our goal of $50,000!

Please donate today, we need your help now!



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