Women in Ecotourism (WIE)

Living Islands propose to build a step-by-step toolkit for starting and running a successful and independent eco-tourism business for the under-developed Pacific ocean region. The primary focus will be on operating and educating stakeholders and clients across the traditional polarized male and female domains. Women ownership of companies in the Republic of

Jr. Ocean Ambassador Camp

The Ocean and Beaches of the Marshall Islands have faced years of heavy external pollution, environmental neglect and the full impact of global climate changes. Locally, the lack of education and awareness of waste management is causing a large part of the population to dispose of waste by simply dumping it into

Pacific Peoples Partnership

Nation to Nation

Project to bring students from other indigenous pacific cultures to the Marshall Islands, and Marshallese students to those other cultures, to study similarities and differences between our cultures and, through that, learn more about our own cultural and ethical background and uniqueness. Based on lessons learned from working closely with Native American

Outrigger Tour

We are preparing part two of the outrigger project. Please come back for more information later, and follow our facebook page as well.  

Local Programs

Micronesian Immigration Integration

Living Islands is starting a new program that aims to strengthen the Micronesian community network(s) in the Pacific Northwest and to empower the Micronesian population living here. Through this program, Living Islands will advocate on behalf of the Pacific Northwest Micronesian population and act as a resource to help new Micronesian community

Environmental Education Initiative

The Living Islands Environmental Education Initiative Pilot Project (the pilot project) aims to design and deliver accessible, engaging environmental curriculum to rural Marshallese youth with the support and involvement of students and faculty from the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI). The Living Islands Environmental Education Initiative Pilot Project (the pilot project)

Living Islands

Living Islands Non-Profit is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Private Foundation in the United States of America and a registered MIRC 18.3 not-for-profit organization in the Marshall Islands.

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