Then and Now: A Historical Photo Expo

The Project David Anderson will be going back to Enewetak and Ujelang to reconnect with people he lived with, in the 1970'ies and take the same photos he took back then to document social changes as well as see how nature has reclaimed Ujelang since it's last human residents left. The Photo

Habitation Survey Project

The first phase utilizes drone technology and photogrammetry software to create orthomosaics of small island settlements. This phase includes training of local stakeholders to operate drone equipment and manage data flow to secure a safe path of data from original acquisition to central storage and cloud based mainland backup. The second survey

Marine Ecology Monitoring

Long Term Ecological Research sites on several atolls in the Marshall Islands to monitor for various climate change impacts including saltwater intrusion, coastal erosion/accretion, near-shore shifts in marine sedimentation rates and ecological communities, as well as establish long-term underwater transects for routine video monitoring of biological and ecological shifts in coral reef

Local Programs

Micronesian Immigration Integration

Living Islands is starting a new program that aims to strengthen the Micronesian community network(s) in the Pacific Northwest and to empower the Micronesian population living here. Through this program, Living Islands will advocate on behalf of the Pacific Northwest Micronesian population and act as a resource to help new Micronesian community

Mangrove Enhancement as a Climate Adaptation Strategy

Mangrove Enhancement as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). Potential Ecosystem Service Shifts Following Colonization. The ability of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Pacific Island communities to adapt to the increasing sea-levels, storm surge, saltwater intrusion, and other threats posed by global climate change is

Relationship between cultural evolution and space

Analyzing the relationship between Marshallese cultural evolution and space: A study to develop culturally appropriate and resilient plans for sustainable land use practices and future resettlement schemes. Miller’s research centers on the small island nation of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which faces forced displacement due to rising sea levels. Over

Living Islands

Living Islands Non-Profit is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Private Foundation in the United States of America and a registered MIRC 18.3 not-for-profit organization in the Marshall Islands.

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