Climate Action for Marshall Islands

Low-bandwidth Emergency Weather Information System

Custom solution for using HAM Radio and/or Marine Radio with data converters to create an ultra-low-bandwidth data connection between Majuro and the outer atolls. The solution would cost less than $500 dollars and allow outer atolls to receive weather information, warning, and emergency data.

The system will show information on the base station, but also distribute the information using Wifi to the growing number of electronic devices.

Data connection is bi-directional and can be used as an emergency text service for people trapped, as long as the base station and wifi are still operating.

What we are doing

  • Providing weather information
  • Bi-directional comm
  • remote location emergency warning

How can you help?

  • $40 Provides Raspberry Pi Board
  • $100 HAM data board
  • $300 External Wifi Broadcast
  • $500 HAM radio unit


Start Date
16 July 2017 (Pilot)
Marshall Islands, Namdrik Atoll
People Benefited
Climate Change Mitigation, Emergency Preparedness

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